Lord, I come to you in need of forgiveness and healing.  You know all about my struggle!  Lord, forgive me for not embracing the healing that you are offering. Lord, forgive me for the times when I was tempted, and You provided a way out, but I refused to embrace it.  Lord, forgive me for not learning from past mistakes, both my own and the mistakes of others!  Lord, thank you for another opportunity to embrace the healing you are offering today.  Help me to embrace it!  Help me to take the necessary steps to demonstrate that I want this blessing by reaching out to the resources you have provided to bring forth this healing.  Lord, I want it!  Lord, I admit that I have a problem. Lord, I am willing to seek help.  Lord, I am willing to stay away from the people, places, and things that trigger me to do wrong.  Lord, I cannot change the past, or how others might have judged me negatively, and I am willing to move forward!  I reject guilt and shame and embrace the hope that you offer!  Lord, I am ready to be healed.  Amen.