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This is a difficult time for many, but we are also very thankful that God has given us the wisdom and discernment to do what is in everyone’s best interest.  To ensure everyone's safety at the Church, we must abide by the direction and recommendations we are receiving from our governmental officials.  To this end, our Church has taken the following steps:

Sunday services will be broadcast online and via phone, and we strongly encourage all members to remain home and join us onlineThe church will not be open for folks to attend service in person.  If you need assistance getting online, please call the Church at 201-869-4555. 

At this time, we anticipate that Easter service will also be online, along with other scheduled Holy Week services.

All ministries at the church have been cancelled or rescheduled to online or teleconference.  All ministry leaders should proceed accordingly, and will be providing more details as we go forward.

Due to the needs of the community, and with cooperation from North Bergen, the Woodcliff Harvest Food Pantry will remain open on the 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month, from 8am to 12noon. 

Pastor Greg will be scheduling weekly conference calls to keep everyone updated.  If you are not receiving invites, please contact Pastor Greg at and provide you contact information. 

We are asking everyone to continuously reach out to your brothers and sisters in Christ.  We are asking everyone to commit to make at least three phones calls, emails or text messages each day to a fellow members or attendees to ensure they are ok.  It is critically important that we stay in fellowship.

During this time, we still need to meet our financial obligations at the church.  We are asking everyone to continue giving your tithes and offering by using the app, which is available from the Apple App Store or Google Play, or by visiting and selecting the GIVE link at the top of the webpage.  

We will do our best to keep everyone updated.  If you have any questions, please contact Pastor Greg at 201-912-2644, or